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You've just been abducted, but you will love it. Welcome to my perfect universe.

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  3. One of the aspects I’ve hated most about transition is having to disclose this reality, and facing possible, and inevitable rejection. It’s very heartbreaking and discouraging to face, I’m sure many of us know. Sometimes I still think my life would be so much easier if I was just had a vagina. However, I’ve come realize an inherent, albeit non obvious benefit from being trans. When you meet someone in a normal happenstance, and they get to know YOU beyond your gender,you are presented with an opportunity to test their legitimacy. It may sound cliche, but you would only want those in your life who WANT to be there for no other reason than they want to be with YOU for you, not for what you HAVE. Being trans weeds out the fakes, in the most expedient of ways.

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    CAPSULE (カプセル) - I Wish You

    I wish you, because I want all that I wish to come true.
    I hope you, even though we might be on different paths.
    I think back, I’m always thinking of you.
    I wish you, continually, because I’m right by your side.

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    come watch me get my ass kicked, or not.

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    I’ve been a bit lazy uploading these! A few recent work outfits!

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Starry eyes and french fries!


    Starry eyes and french fries!

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My future room…I wish


    My future room…I wish

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  16. David Koma - FW 2014


    YES. : D



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